Refer a friend for one of our positions

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of an absolutely free cash bonus of up to £750 for referring a successfully placed candidate.

XCM Rock Ltd offers a unique opportunity for anyone who is aware of a friend or possibly a professional contact of who may be looking for a new opportunity. Please put them in touch with us by emailing their details to: or by completing our contact form.

We will provide them with the advice they need for that next step and, depending on our current vacancies, we offer a very generous referral fee to offer anyone who refers a successful candidate through XCM Rock Ltd.

We will pay up to as much as £750 per candidate placed through a referral. Please find below the structure by which a referral payment is made to you following a successful placement:

Placement to the value of Fee
£1,000 – £3,000 £150
£3,001 – £5,000 £300
£5,001 – £8,000 £450
£8,001 – £10,000 £600
£10,000+ £750

Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

  1. Referrals will not qualify for the scheme if XCM Rock Ltd has been in contact with the referred candidate at any time up to one year prior to the referral being made.
  2. Where the candidate is introduced by more than one person, we will operate a first come first served policy.
  3. Permanent placements will work on a tiered referral fee level (see schedule above).
  4. In the event of any disputed fees, following all reasonable checks, XCM Rock Ltd’s decision will be final.
  5. The Referral fee is paid after the referred starter has completed a three month probation.
  6. You must refer a friend to XCM Rock Ltd directly by sending an email with the referred candidate’s details or completing the ‘Refer a Friend’ form above.
  7. Simply forwarding correspondence from XCM Rock Ltd to an individual will not constitute as a referral.